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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the air within your family home is potentially 20 times more polluted than outdoors? Old and new houses alike are susceptible to VOC’s (human-made chemicals) such as glues, new flooring, candles, cleaning agents, etc. This along with natural pollutants such as dust, pet dander, germs and bacteria make a strong case to install an indoor air quality system. In addition to this we as a society are spending more and more time indoors. Therefore, it is important to make sure the air in which we breath within our homes is of the utmost quality.

Lennox Pure Air S

Sensing and communicating, and cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy.

Lennox Pure Air

Cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy! The single solution for everything in your air.

Lennox Humidifier

Ideal balance for your home. This humidifier adds moisture to your home’s air and works with your heating system.


iWave air purifiers have no harmful byproducts, and most models require no ongoing maintenance.

Germicidal UV Light

Germicidal lights kill germs, mold and fungi that may live in ductwork and inside your heating and cooling equipment.

MERV 16 Filter

Industry-leading MERV 16 filtration with activated, carbon-coated fibers to remove allergy-aggravating particles from your home’s air.

MERV 11 Filter

The Healthy Climate® 11 filters out dust, pollen and other particles to make your home’s air healthier.Year-round relief from allergens.

Frequently Asked Questions

The filters we carry at J&A have different levels of efficiency all rated by the size of particle they trap. We suggest talking to a comfort consultant to best identify what filter to purchase as your needs may vary. Good- The Healthy Climate Merv 11 is a standard filter ideal for homes with pets and lasts roughly 8 to 12 months, while the Better-The Healthy Climate Merv 13 is ideal for filtering out mold and some viruses and last roughly 8-12 months Best- The Healthy Climate Merv 16 is the highest level of particle filtration you can purchase. The Merv 16 filter includes a carbon core which will reduce ozone while trapping germs and virus and removes up to 95% of particles in your home. In addition to these options, J&A can also install Hepa filters to your ductwork to clean the air in your house to be as clean as the air in a hospital.

Air purifiers can range in price and efficiency so we advise to talk to one of our comfort consultants. With that being said a great option is the Lennox Pureair. The PureAir™ is extremely efficient in removing odours and chemical vapors produced by pets, cleaning products, etc. What makes the Pureair so superior is the fact that it is a whole home system that eliminates 90% of germs and bacteria down to .01-micron, removing 90% of viruses like flu and MRSA. Lennox claims this filter removes particles as small as Covid 19 and SARS.

A germicidal light is a product that destroy contaminants like mold, mildew, and bacteria within your HVAC system. A germicidal light is important for a variety of reasons. Most importantly it prevents microorganisms from spreading throughout your house. Specifically, Germicidal lights destroy germs, mold and fungi that may live in ductwork and inside your heating and cooling equipment.

Saskatchewan and Saskatoon specifically is notorious for having hard water. Due to this it is recommended to service your humidifier once a year.