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When it comes time to maintaining, repairing or replacing an air conditioning or furnace unit – JA experienced comfort advisers can help you select the best solutions!

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Building a new home, or renovating a bathroom, we specialize in residential plumbing services

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J&A Heating & Plumbing

At J&A Heating & Plumbing, our team of experienced heating & cooling system technicians & plumbers specialize in dealing with all types of installation & repair issues. Whether you are looking for residential Air Conditioner repair services or commercial plumbing services, we can help you with all. Also, being one of the established contractor companies in Saskatoon, we make sure to provide you with top of the line HVAC services.

J & A Heating & Plumbing Ltd, Heating & Air Conditioning, Saskatoon, SK


  • I have had the pleasure of dealing with J&A Heating and A/C Service since early in 1970, over these many years I have found their staff to be prompt and professional in servicing or replacing my furnaces, A/C units, or hot water tanks.

    The staff in the office are very pleasant and have always treated me as though they value me as a customer, Ken Paul has been my contact person for many of these years, he has always been prompt with my requests in repairing or replacing any of the units that I am responsible for including my own, and has provided me with the prices for this work that both he and the company have honored when the work has been completed.

    I was encouraged to carry a service contract to have the furnaces and A/C units serviced in both the spring and fall so they will function as they should regardless of the weather, this sure worked well for me.

    Because of this service that I have received I have recommended them to many members of my family and friends.

    Dick Hollier
  • We have been dealing with J&A Heating now for 20 years. We are 100% satisfied with their service and their equipment.

    We now have five water based heat systems and air handlers that heat our homes and shops. The best, most efficient way to heat water.

    The domestic water which you need to wash clothes & shower also heats your home so you eliminate a furnace. We never run out of hot water in our truck wash bay and at the same time heat the building. If you want to save money on your heating bill, this is the system to put in. If I was to do it all over again after 20 years, I would do it the same way – give J&A heating a call and tell them you want a system like mine and you will not be disappointed.

    Milton Lepp
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