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Water Heaters

At J&A Heating and Plumbing, we specialize in installing high quality, affordable water heaters that will provide your house and family with superior hot water service. Our plumbers are certified to install both tank and tankless water heaters. J&A Heating and Plumbing carry a variety of brands including but not limited to: Giant, Rheem, Bradford White, Nortiz and Vesta Tankless Hot Water tanks. As always, we offer our 100% satisfaction promise on all hot water tank installs and repairs. If you have any questions regarding a tank or tankless water heater don’t hesitate to call us at 1-306-934-8252. Our plumbing comfort consultations would be more than happy to educate you on our hot water heater installation and repair services.

50 gal Natural Draft Water Heater


50 Gallon Natural Draft, Natural Gas Water Heater 4” Aluminum Vent connector to existing chimney Water Line alterations & connections as required Gas line alterations & connections as required Comes with all gas permits Includes all labour, Removal & Discard of old equipment 6 Year Tank Warranty Site Clean up Journeyman Installed.

50 gal Power Vent Water


50 Gallon Power Vent, Natural Gas Water Heater 2” PVC 636 Special Venting System out side wall of home Water Line alterations & connections as required Gas line alterations & connections as required Dedicated Electrical Plug off Electrical Panel to serve Water Heater Comes with all gas
& electrical permits Includes all labour, Removal & Discard of old equipment 6 Year Tank Warranty Site Clean up Journeyman Installed.

VESTA VRP Tankless Water Heater


VESTA VRP-199 Revolution Condensing Tankless Water Heater ¾” plywood wall board to hang unit (if required) Upgraded gas line to unit Re-route water lines to unit 2” 636 PVC Venting to outside of home Condensate to floor drain Wire standard electrical plug for unit to plug into 10.8 GPM Flow Rate with 35 deg F Temp Rise Comes with Internal Re-Circulation Pump & Buffer Tank Built In Re-Circulation System included for optional Re Circulation Water line system Gas line reconnection complete with permits Includes all labour, Removal & Discard of old equipment Electrical connections complete with

permits Site Clean Up 1 year Parts 5 Year Parts 15 Year Heat Exchanger

Bradford White Atmospheric Vent

Draft diverter & atmospherically vented with capacities ranging from 29 to 60 gallons and inputs ranging from 30,000-50,000 BTU/Hr.

Bradford White Power Vent

These High Performance Series™ water heaters provide incredible hot water delivery from a space saving, convenient package.

Envirosense® Power Direct Vent

100,000 BTU, gas water heater is equipped with a fully submerged, spiral-shaped condensing heat exchanger and 50 or 75 gallons.

Envirosense® Power Vent

50-gallon, 76,000 BTU gas water heater, equipped with a fully submerged, spiral-shaped condensing heat exchanger.

Noritz Tankless

Get endless hot water and energy savings from the most reliable name in gas tankless water heaters. There’s a Noritz tankless unit that can meet your demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of determining factors that can change the price of a water heater install. But a “ballpark price” you can range anywhere from $1,800 $2,400 for a natural draft (chimney) water heater and $2,200-$2,600 for a power vented (fan assisted) water heater. If you are looking for a tankless water heater these can range from $4,000+. These are great starting numbers but you have to remember every install is different and depending on code upgrades, electrical and added accessories these number can fluctuate lower or higher. That’s why it is always best to call in and ask for a free in house estimate so we can measure everything on site and give you an honest quote in the comfort of your own home. All of our comfort advisors have journeyperson status with years of install experience. We aren’t sales people…. We are a company with your best interests in mind.

We carry a variety of water heaters. Reason being is because we want to give you options to best suite your needs and budget. Maybe you have a someone in your home that thinks the hot water lasts forever and leaves you with none. Maybe a tankless water heater is what you need. Maybe it is just you in the house so a smaller tank will do just fine. Maybe your area has hard water and it seems like you always have water issues, perhaps a water heater with extended warranty is important to you. These are all questions that can us decide which water heater will best suite your needs.

All companies have different costs of over head. At J&A we have a 6,000 sq/ft building we call home. We pride ourselves proper training for our employees, company vehicles and a career at J&A not just a job. Our installers take pride in their work. We guarantee there are companies out there that will be able to give you a “cheaper quote” but guess what… we aren’t a cheap company, and we don’t take short cuts. We have been around since 1978 and have employee that have been working here longer than most of those “cheaper quote” companies can keep there doors open for. We don’t believe in taillight warranty. So if you are looking for a company that can provide you with 12 years parts and 12 years labour then look no further.

After we have set up a time that works best for you we will call you the day prior to confirm the appointment (that’s if we aren’t already doing a same day install)

The morning of the install we will have one of our technicians give you a call with his/her estimated time of arrival (usually between 8-9am).

He/She will go over the details of the install with you and the Comfort Advisor you had discussed the protect with.

After a confirmed game plan has been discussed our installer with put down drop sheets throughout the home to best project your home from any unforeseen mess in the process of the install.

The install can range anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on the difficulty. (Remember this is the advantage of having us come in prior to take measurements, discuss the install, location of venting, etc)

Once the installed is completed we ask the homeowner to be present at home in order to go over and explain the new system and its sequence of operation.

Our installers carry I-pads so they are able to register your equipment for warranty as soon as they finish collecting payment.

Within the next few days you can expect a follow up call from the office or from your Comfort Advisor to see how you are liking your new system. 

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